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It's nice to see a community that supports relationships that have a little age gap in them.

My name is Elizabeth and I am currently engaged to a wonderful man who happens to be 16 years my senior. (he's 38) I'm a 22 year old pyschology and pre-med student who is aiming to go to Osteopathy school (though traditional alopathic is not entirely out of the question) and eventually be a GP/family doc in underserved areas.

I've always found older men attractive, specifically older intellectual types. I guess I was obvious about this to my family because when I brought Bill home my mother commented "Oh, well, we're not terribly concerned about his age, we'd kinda thought you might end up with someone our age, and I'm glad he's younger than that." She also thinks it's neat to have a soon-too-be-step-granddaughter (who's 15).

but anyway, enough of my life story.

Here's a question: what is it about older men/women that is so attractive?
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