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It's nice to see a community that supports relationships that have a little age gap in them.

My name is Elizabeth and I am currently engaged to a wonderful man who happens to be 16 years my senior. (he's 38) I'm a 22 year old pyschology and pre-med student who is aiming to go to Osteopathy school (though traditional alopathic is not entirely out of the question) and eventually be a GP/family doc in underserved areas.

I've always found older men attractive, specifically older intellectual types. I guess I was obvious about this to my family because when I brought Bill home my mother commented "Oh, well, we're not terribly concerned about his age, we'd kinda thought you might end up with someone our age, and I'm glad he's younger than that." She also thinks it's neat to have a soon-too-be-step-granddaughter (who's 15).

but anyway, enough of my life story.

Here's a question: what is it about older men/women that is so attractive?
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Best of Luck to you and your fiance Elizabeth. Thats good that your mother is supportive of you two.

I guess my most recent post sums up your other question..lol It was kind of long too..Didn't realize that til after I wrote it all..lol

again Good Luck!!
"Here's a question: what is it about older men/women that is so attractive?"

SO many things. I go for the intellectuals too, especially the classical music lovers. Or even better: Musicians. I think it's just...the certainty in most of their eyes, or the intelligence, the fact that they think about meaningful things lots of the time, or just the way they embrace you, when there arms can reach all around you and you feell...what, Awesome? I have a thing for grey hairs...it's so cool. Heh. Sorry I'll stop buggin you now. xD
After more than 2 years living with my finace (wedding's in about 2 months!) I've figured out what it is exactly that makes older men attractive to me. It is purely because I feel like I can relate to them as equals where I cannot with the vast majority of people my age. The bar sceene does nothing for me, I don't want to go out partying. What I want to do is garden, care for our house, do projects on it on the weekend, and prepare to raise a family. My idea of a fun gathering is a quiet dinner party or games night. Most people my age would not find this so appealing, and I always feel as if I have nothing in common with my classmates but find my teachers (of any gender) to frequently be people I'd like to be friends with. It's truely about where I am in life. There's a reason that, despite my high, little girl's voice, I'm routinely mistaken for over 30. *smiles*

(ok, I'll agree that grey on certain men (Sean Connery, Richard Gere, certain others) is quite hot.... *evil grin*)
Mmm...Sean Connery...indeed. ><