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10_more_candles's Journal

10 More Candles
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Do your eyes follow that coworker who's 10 or more years older than you are? Do Mel Gibson, Sam Niell and Denzel Washington really get your motor running? Do you find Rene Russo and Susan Sarandon unbelievably sexy? Did you think Lolita was a wonderful book?

Whoa, whoa, there, buddy. I was just kiddin' with that one.

Anyway, if you are unabashedly lusting after one person who's a decade or more older than you are, or if it's your cup of tea, 10_more_candles is the place for you. Here, we discuss our feelings, get support, and talk about why some things get better with age.

A few rules:
-We'd like to keep the community as R-rated as possible. Please try to keep extremely explicit things out of here. This is an open community.
-If posting large pictures or a series of pictures, please cut-tag them. Also, all photos and other media containing potentially explicit material we ask be cut tagged as well. Use your better judgement when posting...I'm sure we all have wonderful taste and we won't have any problems with that ^-^
-Per usual, no flaming/extended malicious arguments. We're grown-ups here.

That said, let's have a good time!

(We're also accepting suggestions to put in our interests. Please feel free to offer them!)